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Program Rationale

The intent of the Speak Up Be Safe program is to prevent abuse before it occurs. Each curriculum for first, third and fifth grade is developmentally tailored with attention to gender differences and the uniqueness of learning styles.

The curriculum incorporates active behavior skills learning, modeling, checking for understanding that goes beyond recall, and has built in opportunities for guided practice with positive reinforcement of new learning. A consistent program presence is provided through classroom and school materials that remain visible after the program sessions are complete.

The program focuses on enhancing the child's overall sense of confidence with regard to safety, and promotes respect for self and peers that can be applied to general situations as well as potentially harmful situations. Principles of learning from social psychology are infused in the curriculum design and delivery to promote desired behavioral responses as well as knowledge gain.

Please visit our topics and findings on evidence-based practices for more on our approach and the program's development.

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