Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe provides instruction to children on personal safety in 1st through 6th grade. Involving parents and caregivers in the effort to keep children safe is central to the program. The effectiveness of the program will be improved when parents and caregivers are informed about the issue of child abuse and neglect, including internet and cell phone concerns. These types of awareness include also include the signs and symptoms and the impact of child abuse and neglect; and reinforce program concepts, language, and activities with their children through a variety of take-home materials. Parents and caregivers can apply the lessons learned in the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program to real life situations through specific activities, such as developing family safety rules and practices, and developing the kinds of family relationships that encourage effective communication and responses to unsafe situations.

Information is available for parents and caregivers on the developmental characteristics of the child; factors that create risk as well as those that help keep children safe; and how to handle a child's disclosure of abuse should it occur. By providing parents and caregivers with the resources to be proactive and involved, we strengthen our mission to keep children safe!

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