This 6th grade curriculum was developed for presentation over two 50-minute sessions and is intended to be conducted with a group of approximately 25 to 30 children. The content and delivery is based on several areas of research, including child development, learning styles, and child abuse prevention. The curriculum was written to promote broad student participation by engaging 6th graders in visual, auditory, and physical learning. A component of learning development at this age includes analytical thinking. The scenarios and activities are meant to stimulate critical reflection so that students are prepared for application of new concepts. In the curriculum development process, we solicited feedback from a diverse group of parents and 6th grade children, as well as from professional educators, and social workers. The curriculum addresses the increasing responsibility of pre-adolescent children for their own personal safety and the important role that they can play in the safety of other children. At the same time the curriculum reinforces that adults still have primary responsibility for the safety of 6th graders.

Activities here reinforce the concepts learned. Letters are sent home to parents after each session regarding concepts that their children have learned in the Speak Up Be Safe program. These letters include information about child abuse and ways to keep children safe. Worksheets are also available to parents to complete at home with children.

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Curriculum Snapshot Grade 6




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