An evaluative component is incorporated into to the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program, first in the Beta and Pilot phases to assess the feasibility of the program and second, to address any issues that may potentially create problems with future implementation once the program is in place. The Beta impacted over 1000 students in Grades 1, 3, and 5, resulting in 8 disclosures. All of the results from the Beta were compiled and reviewed to update the program for a more comprehensive Pilot conducted throughout Spring 2011. The Pilot was implemented with 18,000+students/5 counties/1100+ classrooms in Florida. Over 200 facilitators have been trained.

High program fidelity is critical so that outcome evaluations reflect program components and objectives. Various aspects of program delivery and content need to be evaluated to ensure knowledge acquisition of program concepts and long term information retention. The evaluation methods will also gather information from parents/caregivers, teachers, facilitators, and children related to the overall model and perceptions of curriculum content, terminology and comprehensibility, timing and ease of delivery. The evaluation tools will assist in determining measurable change consistent with program objectives.

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